Audience Reachability: What Makes an Influencer Reachable?

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Audience Reachability: What Makes an Influencer Reachable?

A critical component of any successful Community Commerce strategy is partnering with influencers that are real (not fake), relevant (a good fit for your brand), and reachable. In this blog, let's answer the question...

What makes an influencer "reachable"?

What is Audience Reachability on Social Media?

Audience reachability is the likelihood that followers see an influencer's (or brand's) post in their feeds organically.

When it comes to influencer recruiting, your goal should be to find out how likely it is that your influencer posts will be seen by members of their audience. And when people see a post, you'll also want to understand the audience's emotional response. These two concepts are:

  • Post Visibility
  • Audience Sentiment

Post Visibility

Instagram users (for example) who follow more than 1,000 accounts are going to have very congested feeds. As they scroll, algorithms do their best to deliver content that will most likely resonate with the user.

audience reachability what makes an influencer reachable cindex report audience type post visibilityImage Source: Cindex Report

People who follow this many different accounts are known as mass followers, and influencers with a high percentage of mass followers tend to have low post visibility. By distinguishing between mass followers and regular followers, you can get a sense of a creator's post visibility.

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 9.31.51 AMImage Source: Cindex Report

Audience Sentiment

Just because someone follows a creator account doesn't mean that they generally have a positive response toward every post. Gauging audience sentiment is fairly simple if you do a "deep dive" on a few of that influencer's post captions and comments.

When trying to understand audience sentiment, look for three things:

  1. Post engagement volume: The number of thoughtful comments indicates how emotionally invested followers are in that creator's posts. 
  2. Positive vs. negative comments: Unfortunately, many followers just like to argue or create drama. But if a creator's post comments are generally positive, then audience sentiment is good.
  3. Controversial themes: If the creator likes to tackle controversial topics outside of their niche, then that could be a sign that audience sentiment is mixed. Polarizing creators feed off of the negativity and can damage your brand.

(Note: In a Cindex Report, marketers can leverage the Brand Safety and Performance Data to gather audience sentiment automatically.)

How is a Community Influencer "Reachable" to Followers and Fans?

Truth be told, many marketers use the term "reachable" to refer to different things. At, we recognize that many factors can make a creator reachable to both their audience and the brands that may want to partner with them.

The fact is that not all creators are equally engaged with their followers. So when we talk about an influencer who is reachable from an audience member's vantage point, we can break it down into four creator attributes. Reachable influencers are...

  • Relevant
  • Community-driven
  • Consistent
  • Responsive

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Successful influencers know who their audience is and what matters to them. That often means that they fixate on a particular niche (travel, nutrition, fitness, etc.) and make sure that their message adds value to that niche at all times.

That doesn't mean, however, that an influencer won't mix up their content. On the contrary, most niche audiences appreciate a variety of topics and ideas. But high-performing creators are always very in tune with what adds value to their followers' lives.


Similarly, good influencers recognize that their followers are their online community. They know how to nurture a sense of belonging and likemindedness that attracts the right people to their content.

As online communities, followers don't just connect with the creator, they also connect with one another. The influencer functions as a community leader and curates a safe space for their audience to mix, mingle, and grow.


Every successful creator posts regularly, whether that be daily or a few times per month. Social media algorithms place a high premium on profiles that publish good-quality content on a regular basis.

Consistent content creators build trust with their audience, since those followers know they can depend on that influencer for inspiration and information.


One of the best signs of a great influencer is one that takes the time to respond to follower comments and questions. Depending on the audience size, it's not feasible for them to respond to every comment. But it is possible for creators to hone in on frequently asked questions or thoughtful comments that will be helpful for the entire community.

Followers love to receive feedback from their favorite creators. This inspires greater connection and engagement.

How is a Community Influencer "Reachable" to Brands and Marketers?

As a brand, you're going to prospect creator partners that have a greater likelihood of responding favorably to your pitch to collaborate. For you, reachable influencers are those that fit your preferences related to...

  • Size
  • Cost
  • Relevance
  • Accessibility
  • Professionalism


As influencer marketing grows more popular, some marketers err on targeting creators with the highest number of followers. Unfortunately, that can force you into partnerships that aren't ideal for your brand.

In general, the smaller an influencer's audience, the more engaged their audience is. Additionally, smaller-sized influencers are more inclined to partner with you on more favorable terms.

image-8-1Image Source: Mondovo

It's critical that you establish your campaign goals prior to seeking out influencer prospects. Celebrities and macro influencers can expand your reach, but their audience members are not always so inclined to take action. That's why even larger influencer marketing brands start with smaller influencers (aka, micro influencers).



While we're on the subject of follower size, you should know that creators with the most followers are far more expensive. 

If your budget allows you to work with celebrities and macro influencers, having a mix of creators by follower size can be healthy for your overall marketing plan. But if you're like most brands, you may not have the budget to target those influencers and achieve maximum ROI.

Influencer-Rate-Sheet-How-Much-Do-Influencers-CostImage Source: Get Hyped Media

That said, you shouldn't expect to work with smaller influencers for free. These creators work extremely hard to build engaged online communities. But you can achieve more favorable terms with nano and micro influencers using a mixture of free products, cash payments, and ambassador commissions.

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Your audience and the creator's audience must match. As such, the more relevant an influencer is to your industry and audience, the greater your chances of building a long-term partnership.


Some creators publish their contact information for brand collaborations, and others do not. While you can always use direct messages to contact an influencer, email addresses are more professional and indicate to your team that they are already open to the right brand deals.


Some creators have a difficult time being reliable with the brands that they partner with. Reachable influencers are those that know how to communicate clearly, both over written channels and in verbal conversations.

When getting to know an influencer prospect, be clear with them about your expectations and guidelines. Pay attention to their ability to keep you in the loop, ask thoughtful questions, and follow instructions.

Vetting Your Influencers for Reachability

Before you hire any influencer, you vet them. Vetting creators for reachability increases the chances that your campaign will deliver the highest-quality results.

What Tools Do You Need to Determine Influencer Audience Reachability?

While each of the reachability indicators above are accessible to you using a manual approach, some tools will generate this information for you automatically.'s free tool, for example, allows you to see reachability metrics in a Cindex Report. This saves you hours of time and ensures critical information on your creators won't fall through the cracks. 


Done well, influencer marketing requires careful data and relationship management. While it would be unwise to automate everything in your program, building a high-performing influencer tech stack gives your team more resources to personalize your creator partnerships, thereby enhancing your overall Community Commerce strategy.


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