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time to read 2 MIN READ Launches Creator Community Solutions today announced another piece of its CCM Super App at the Creator Economy Expo (CEX) in Cleveland, Ohio.’s new Creator Community Solution provides every content creator with a configurable Media Kit, access to its Community Generative AI solution for social content writing and predictive performance, and for a limited time, a Community Referral Program where creators can earn recurring payments for the life of the contract for partner referrals.

“Content creators don’t have easy access to the advantage of software developers and business support functions, so it’s incumbent upon those of us who support them and their relationships with brands to provide those,” said Co-Founder and CEO Sundeep Sanghavi. “Our new Creator Community toolset empowers creators to better market themselves to the brands and agencies, streamline their content creation process, and even make passive, recurring revenue by introducing their brand partners to’s brand-focused solutions.”’s new Creator Media Kit is a comprehensive marketing tool that provides creators with everything they need to promote themselves to brands. With a simple social media connection to, a creator can quickly create web and PDF documents that display a portfolio of their work, information about their online audience, and a list of their services. The Creator Media Kit quickly and effectively showcases the creator’s talents and demonstrates their value to brands. 


In addition to the Media Kit, allows creators to use Generative AI technologies to generate creative content in the individual creator’s tone and personality and within any brand’s campaign brief. 

“Our Generative AI solution is a big help to those creators that focus on video, image, and story content but may not have the time or polish to match those skills with great caption and post writing,” explained Jason Falls,’s EVP for Marketing and experienced content creator. “For the sheer volume of content many creators produce, generative AI help can save hours of content creation time. Our solution will give creators more time to focus on the bigger picture of driving their business forward.”

The final piece of the new Creator Community puzzle in’s latest offering is a potential boon for creators. For a limited time, is offering creators the opportunity to earn recurring payments for referrals to the brands they work with. Any creator that refers a new partner can earn a commission on the brand’s fees for the life of the contract. believes the future of commerce lies in the power of a brand’s community. That community includes content creators, both influencers and regular consumers.’s obsession is to help brands and creators of all types connect through UGC and influence marketing content to ignite growth for both. 

“The CCM Super App matches creators with brands based on their social media posts, images, and videos,” explained Growson Edwards,’s Co-Founder and COO. “We offer the industry’s only image-to-image and video-to-video search for brands, making our solution the easiest content and creator match-making app in the industry.” 

Brands that use’s solutions leverage sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to find creators using:

  • Image-to-Image matching

  • Video-to-Video matching

  • Natural Language Processing search

  • Keyword search

  • Audience filtering 

When creators authenticate into’s Creator Community, they greatly enhance their chances of being discovered by brands searching for the type of content they produce. These new creator tools empower the creator to market themselves outside of’s environment as well.

"With market conditions changing and 100 million+ creators fighting for an audience online, finding success is not a task for the faint of heart,” Edwards said. “Creators need support to stand out as members of the various brand communities in which they fall. By empowering the content creator, we also empower’s brand partners. So these tools are a win-win for everyone involved."

The new Creator Community solutions can be found by signing up as a Creator on the platform at

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