Presenting: The Marketer's Guide to Community Influence Marketing

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Presenting: The Marketer's Guide to Community Influence Marketing

For brands, influencer marketing is generally thought of as the practice of identifying social media celebrities – those with lots of followers – and collaborating with them to recommend products or services to their audience. The bigger the influencer's audience, the higher the cost (typically) of engaging them. 

From our founding two years ago, has built solutions on the premise there is a better way. Instead of looking outward for creators with lots of followers who may or may not even know what your brand is, look first toward the people who do: your customers, fans, followers and other members of your brand community. 

We call it Community Influence Marketing. We've built a powerful software solution to help brands activate around that premise. We map your community, identify the influential voices within it, then enable you to reach out to them, collaborate on content, handle any compensation, then measure success. 

But as much as we'd love to think otherwise, Community Influence Marketing is more than just a software solution.  It's a different type of strategy to engage influential people to advocate on your behalf.

That's why we left the "R" off of Influencer in the title. Community Influence Marketing is focused on the act of influencing rather than the social status of the person involved. It is a philosophical approach, not a bunch of code that allows you to click and drag things.  

And so today, we give you The Marketer's Guide to Community Influence Marketing, our first ebook at 

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The Marketer's Guide to Community Influence Marketing is a deep, step-by-step manual that shows you how to both approach and execute strategies to engage your own community to drive influence. It comes from not only our obsession with helping our clients and customers grow their businesses, but more than a year now of practicing the craft ourselves.

That experience and passion is now here to help you bring Community Influence Marketing to life for your brand. It contains practical advice around proven tactics you can trust. In it, you'll learn:

  • The marketing pain points Community Influence Marketing (CIM) can solve 

  • The difference in Community Influence Marketing and traditional influencer marketing  

  • How to build a Community Influence Marketing strategy

  • How to identify your known community of influencers

  • How to best engage community influencers

  • How to map a workflow to manage Community Influence Marketing programs

  • How to measure Community Influence Marketing success

Download your FREE copy now!

12-1We hope you find the guide as useful as we found it fun to compile for you. We're excited to see how you take the philosophy of Community Influence Marketing and put it into action for your business. 

And if you find yourself building something amazing and need some software solutions to help more easily manage the processes of finding, prioritizing, communicating, collaborating, compensating or measuring your Community Influence Marketing efforts, we would be honored to show you how we can help.

Download the Marketer's Guide to Community Influence Marketing now.


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