Cindex Report - It's like a credit report... but for influencers

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Cindex Report - It's like a credit report... but for influencers

What is a Cindex Report?

A Cindex Report is a detailed analysis that shows you how real, relevant, and reachable an influencer is. You can think of it like a credit report, but instead of measuring someone's credit worthiness, it measures their effectiveness and impact on social media.

When you sign up with CIPIO (it's free), you get 10 Cindex credits every month. To unlock a Cindex Report, you use a credit. You can purchase additional credits or upgrade your subscription to view more Cindex Reports.

What is Included in a Cindex Report?

A Cindex Report includes all critical information you need to know if an influencer is...
  • Real - Authentic, credible, and trustworthy
  • Relevant - A good fit for your brand
  • Reachable - Accessible to your brand and their audience for the best possible engagement and community commerce experience

Within the report, you can track the following information:

  • High-level metrics (followers, engagement rate, Cindex Score, etc.)
  • Audience Authenticity
  • Audience Demographics
  • Brand Safety (controversial language, themes, etc.)
  • Influencer and Audience Interests
  • Top Caption Topics (Caption Cloud)
  • Recent Posts
  • Performance Data
  • Campaign Data

Marketers use these Cindex Reports to identify influencer prospects, vet creator partners, and grow their brand community.


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