Cindex Score - It's like a credit score... but for influencers

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Cindex Score - It's like a credit score... but for influencers


What is a Cindex Score?

A Cindex Score tells you how authentic and trustworthy an influencer is. Think of it like a credit score, but instead of measuring an individual's creditworthiness, it measures their credibility online.

Cindex Scores range from 100 to 350 and are broken down as such:

  • 160 or less - Poor
  • 160-225 - Fair
  • 225-285 - Good
  • 285 or higher - Excellent

Influencer Cindex Scores are available to view when you sign up for CIPIO Search for free.

What Criteria Do We Use to Generate Cindex Scores?

We derive Cindex Scores from insights gleaned in a full Cindex Report. A Report uses deep learning and MetaAI technology to analyze a creator's...

  • Profile
  • Content
  • Audience
  • Performance

The most critical part of any influencer's credibility is their audience. In today's digital world, it is easier than ever to acquire follows, likes, and comments using fraudulent means. To verity an influencer's audience, the CIPIO platform identifies which followers are...

  1. Real People
  2. Mass Followers (individuals who follow more than 1,000 accounts and have a congested feed)
  3. Suspicious Accounts (bot or fraudulent profiles)
  4. Influencers

Naturally, the greater the percentage of Real People followers, the better that creator's Cindex Score. 

Once verifying an influencer's audience, CIPIO tracks engagement metrics, audience demographics, and advertising post performance. 


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